Starfire’s Canine Care Line is … SINFULLY DELICIOUS!

Was created for professional breeders, handlers, BIS enthusiasts and those who are enamored with the man’s best friend- the Dog.

Starfire’s Canine Care Line was twenty years in the development stage. It was designed to be the leading line of hair products that achieves beauty through wellness.

Starfire’s Canine Care Line is created to be restorative treatment proven to reverse damage and replenish hair.Its ability to transform hair comes from a powerful combination of natural ingredients. It penetrates into the hair shaft and will repair and reverse damage. The Starfire’s Canine Care Line nourishes and protects hair-from the inside out.

About Tony Cabrera

For forty-one years, I have played an active role in the hair care industry. After graduating from beauty school at 19 years of age, I began my career as a hair stylist. Ten years after I began styling for people, I began my career in the show dog world and my life went from black and white to technicolor. For the past thirty, as an American Kennel Club Toy Breeder of the Year Winner, I have been power behind the Starfire’s Pomeranians and Starfire’s Maltese. With the equivalency of a Ph.D. in human and canine hair, I have spent the past twenty years developing my Starfire’s Canine Hair Care Line into the Premiere International Hair Care Line that is second to none.                       

I have devoted two decades of my life to developing and testing a variety of products, first on humans, to ensure that they would be safe for animals. At Starfire’s – the Animals always come FIRST. That may be reversal of what is almost routine in business, but in my life, the welfare of the animals is paramount.

I have developed my products, one at a time. I worked hard, for more than two decades, to develop an entire line of products that work together-in harmony. Each was developed, refined and when their quality was superior to any other canine product on the market, I used my extensive network of friends, from a variety of breeds and top professional handlers from around the world, to evaluate and provide feedback to me about each individual product. I took their remarks very seriously and used their feedback to refine, reformulate and redevelop, each and every product. I did not stop until I received rave reviews from all the testing kennels and handlers. At the end of the day, I knew that what I had developed was absolute PERFECTION.

The products are manufactured in the U.S by my own hand. I use the highest quality ingredients. I have designed these products to be combined and used according to Your animals needs. This line has the Highest Performing Formulas in the Canine Hair Care Industry. The nutrient infuser concept restores essential proteins, moisture and minerals to the coat. These potent power boosters allow you to customize your service based upon your animal’s coat type and condition. They should be used together to create a high-tech delivery system that transports curative actives deep into the coat’s cortex. The Starfire’s Canine Care Line of shampoos, conditioners, intensive hydrators, sprays and volumizers are PH balanced so they don’t irritate the sensitive skin of your future Best In Show Winners.

Now, after twenty years of hard work, I know that I have developed a Canine Hair Care Line that will be almost the easiest and most effective canine grooming products I ever seen. I stand behind my line, in the same way that I stand behind my dogs- UNCONDITIONALLY.



Tony Cabrera

Chief Executive Officer of Starfire’s Canine Care Line