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Nature's Protection Superior Care has created its own brand to inspire others to live afull life! We care about the life of pets and their owners. Therefore, the connection between pets and humans is at the heart of our mission, and the needs of cats and dogs are our main goal.

Become part of #NaturesProtection family by purchasing a soft and cozy blanket for yourself or your pet!


It will be useful for both the pet and the owner

Thin and pleasant to the touch blanket will benefit both you on cool eveningsand your pet when you want to lie down softly and take a break.


Perfect for a gift

The blanket package is laced with ribbon, so this warm and cozy blanket is a great gift for any celebration for an animal lover and not only.


Bright colors

Blanket has an exceptional and bright design, so it will brighten the interior of any home and its excellent accent.


Soft and pleasant to the touch

Blanket made of soft polyester, making it pleasant to the touch, is warm and easy tomaintain.



  • The material is polyester.
  • Dimensions: 127 x 152 cm.
  • Color – mint color with white puppies.