DERMagic Anti-Dandruff Salt Scrub

€ 21,99

Harness the therapeutic power of natural sea minerals to pamper and detoxify your pet.

Our invigorating blend of Dead Sea salts and natural minerals removes dead skin cells, draws toxins from the skin, relieves itching and leaves your pet’s skin and coat fresh and exfoliated. 

DERMagic Anti-Dandruff Salt Scrub is formulated with organic whole-leaf aloe vera, vitamin E, and pure rosemary essential oil to help remove dead skin cells, relieve itching, and leave your pet’s skin exfoliated.

These all-natural, mineral-rich sea salts restore a healthy skin and coat in dogs and cats, and your pet will love the luxurious spa treatmentIngredients: Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda - for pH balance), Dendritic Salt, Diatomaceous Earth, Rosemary Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Powder & Natural Food Coloring.