grey, size L, 23.5x6x1 cm, 29,99 €

€ 29,99

Schubert brush with soft teeth for effective care of cat and dog fur. Schubert's animal carep-fating lets you relax and turn the animal's fur care into a pleasant and fun ritual.


High quality
The Schubert brush has an ultra-high-quality rigid cushion with strong and strong steel bristles.


Special design handle
The brush handle is ergonomic, so it will not bother your hands and wrists. You can comb the animal in various techniques and directions.


Fur care
With this brush, you can spray the dog's or cat's coat, remove the still-dead hair, comb out small slings.


Special bristles
Brush bristles are made of specially selected antistatic steel wire that does not damage the animal's fur and skin.


Features :

Dimensions: 23.5 x 6 x 1 cm.

Size : L.

Colour - gray.

The form is oval.

For: dogs and cats.

The length of the sherry is 27 mm.